So, you’re wanting to know how to get started riding bulls? Let me ask you a serious question (please email us your reply!). We have been working on a course for people like you to learn how to get into bull riding. This course would include the SAME information that we give to our students at clinics such as mental preparation, fitness, equipment, how to ride, and how to find the right bulls to ride. If we had this course available for you to buy, would you buy it for $149?

To answer your question, before you even think about getting on a bull, you need to be in at least moderate physical shape. If you already are physically fit, you are a step ahead. If you are not physically fit, you can get some workout tips on our articles page. Here’s the link for that page:

The next step is to start watching and reading everything we have on our website that has to do with riding bulls. Here’s the link to our video page:
Finally, you should come to one of our clinics to get personal instruction from a professional bull rider. Here’s the link to our clinics page:
At our clinics, we will teach you all the basics of bull riding such as equipment, technique, safety, and the mental game. After you attend a clinic, you will have a better idea as to whether you want to continue to ride bulls or not. If you choose to continue, you would benefit greatly by getting one of our Pro Bull Trainers to do drills on (we offer discounts for our students).

We only do a few clinics per year and they are usually around Idaho and Nebraska. If you cannot attend one of our clinics, we highly recommend Cody Custer’s clinics. He does several clinics per year. Check out his schedule at:

After you’ve had the proper training, you will also need to get on practice bulls regularly. You should start contacting stock contractors in your area to see if they have any practice sessions. As a student of ours, we will make ourselves available for advice anytime you need it. You can also send us videos of your rides and we will analyze them for you.
As we mentioned earlier, we will offer online bull rider training. Sign up for our free newsletter to hear when that will be available. Please let us know if you have any other questions that we can answer.

As with anything in life, in order to excel, you have to learn the right information, practice the right way, and set the right goals. Work hard, make good choices, and make the most of every opportunity!