Be A Clinic Facilitator!

If you would like to see a BRC Bull Riding Clinic in your area, why not be a Clinic Facilitator? As a Clinic Facilitator, you will work side by side with us to produce the best, most Championscomprehensive bull rider training event in the world.

Here are a few things that we will need to have a successful clinic:

  • Facility with adequate pens and good chutes (preferably left and right hand deliveries)
  • An area suitable for video review, lunch, and lecture time
  • Enough practice bulls (easy ones) for every rider to get on at least 3 per day
  • 8-10 Volunteers
  • TV and DVD Player
  • 2 experienced bull fighters
  • Tools to fix equipment (pliers, wire, wire cutters, screw drivers, etc.)
  • Water/sports drinks
  • Photographer (optional)
  • Sleeping quarters for participants (optional)

      We suggest tuition of $350 per student for a 2 day clinic. We recommend 15-20 students with a minimum of 10 to maximize the personal attention each student will receive. We will process the sign up through our website and PayPal account. Our instructor fee is $100 per student or a minimum of $1000 plus travel expenses. If we have to fly, rent a car, and get a hotel room, those expenses will be about $750.

As the Clinic Facilitator, you will be allowed one (1) free clinic tuition to the person you choose. You will also be responsible for promoting the clinic and any fees and expenses that the clinic accumulates. We will make a flyer/poster for the clinic for you to print and hang up around the area and at rodeos and bull riding events.

We need to have one of our Pro Bull Trainers at the clinic in order to work on the essential techniques of riding bulls. We will cover the cost to have the Pro Bull Trainer manufactured and shipped to the clinic site. After the clinic is over, we will offer the Pro Bull Trainer to you or another student for a discounted rate.

If you would like to be a Clinic Facilitator or have any other questions, please email us at We look forward to working with you to help the future of bull riding.


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Wiley Petersen & Dustin Elliott