About BRC

BullRiderCoach.com provides instructional and training services to bull riders from beginners to advanced skill levels. We help teach the fundamentals of bull riding, training, sports psychology, fitness, and business principles. We also act as sports agents to help select riders to acquire sponsorship and endorsements.

We provide a comprehensive system for bull riders and rodeo athletes to learn the right information and offer the following types of services:

Bull Riding Clinics: Clinics for beginners, intermediate, and advanced bull riders where students will be taught everything they need to know in relation to their skill level.

Financial Advice: Basic financial advice.

Fitness Training: Warm-ups, exercises, and stretches. Wiley Petersen is a NASM certified personal trainer.

Analyze Rides: Watch videos of our students’ rides to see what they are doing right and wrong.

Training Drills: Teach our students correct training drills to do in preparation for competitions.

Media Training: Teach our students how to talk to the media, give interviews, and speak competently.

Sponsorship Acquisition: How to put a proposal together, find sponsors, and represent sponsors. We will also represent select riders as sports agents.

Visualization: We will teach our students to see one’s self doing everything necessary to successfully compete as a rodeo athlete.

Goal Setting: Teach how to set goals and how to achieve goals in rodeo and in life.

Literature: Books, workbooks, and magazines pertaining to excelling in the sport of rodeo and life in general.

Media: Audiobooks, music, and podcasts to reinforce what we are teaching.

Business Management: Teach our students how to enter for events, travel, and budget. We will also provide management services to select riders.

Equipment: Teach our bull riding students about proper and necessary equipment.

Inspirational: Provide spiritual and inspirational resources to encourage positive choices and a fulfilling life.

Motivational Speaking: Speak at events, conferences, seminars, and schools with a motivational message from the perspective of a successful rodeo athlete.